The Waggle consists of:

- An extra long Bungee

- An area of quality Faux fur with squeakers inside

- 2 flappy legs made of both Rabbit & Sheepskin and both with a squeaker in either side.

Multiple squeakers for extra fun!

This has to be one AWESOME tug toy for your dog!

The Waggle combines lots of aspects to make this the most interesting toy for puppies who are learning to chase and tug or those being introduced to tug as an older dog.

The Extra length of line allows you to mimic the movements of prey while the added squeakers further enhance your dogs experience.

This toy will allow you to stimulate your dogs natural drive to chase and reward will have you breathless as your dog chases you down for this toy.

Made in the UK.

approx total length 145cm

Faux, Rabbit, Sheepskin area Length 50cm

this is not a chewing toy so please do not leave it unattended with your dog.

The Waggle - Chaser tug