The Snuffle Flower comes directly from the popular Puppingtons range of products from South Australia.
This beautiful big flower has a multitude of hiding spots for you to hide your dogs treats.
This flower is 50cm in diameter.
The size of this Snuffle Flower will not only be suitable for your young puppy but continue to be the perfect size right into adulthood.
The hiding spots are wide enough to suit every size snuffling snout and made of durable long lasting polar Fleece.
The Snuffle Flower has a drawstring at the back that pulls the flower into itself making it easy to fold up to put in your doggy pack for easy transport.
The underside of the flower has small rubber spots to give grip for when your pooch is snuffling.
While this mat is made for your pooch to interact with using food as the motivation, it is not intended to be a chew toy.
Please do not leave this mat unattended with your dog.

Snuffle Flower