The Rugby Fur Bungee is a tough tugging toy for those dogs who love a good play with their handler, and dare we say Ruff and Tuff!

This toy is a combination of a Durable Rugby shaped ball, FauxFur bite area and a shock absorbing bungee handle.

This tug toy is one of the best when it comes to pleasing those power tuggers.

PLUS with the weight of the ball it’s a great toy for reward placement and tossing into position.

And for those dogs who are ‘ Head Bangers’ just watch as they whack this toy around their neck as they go for the ‘kill’ !

Made in Poland

Total length is 52cm

FauxFur bite area is 16cm

Rugby Ball size is 8cm wide x 6cm deep.

this is not a chewing toy so please do not leave it unattended with your dog.

Rugby Fur Bungee