The Rainbow Smart Lead was created out of necessity.

For dog sports where you need to wear your lead on your person.

So we have created a lead that can be used to walk your dog, lead your dog into the ring, and be able to attach the lead around your body so it remains safe while you compete.

And at the same time, this smart lead can be used for bushwalks and every day activities when you take your dogs lead off and don’t have any pockets to put it in to carry.

You can just wrap it around your body and clip it together.

Made from soft and durable 20mm wide webbing.

The smart lead adjusts to 3 lengths:

Short - for close walking - 80cm

Handle - for walking on standard lead length - 1.25

Long - extends to 1.5 for wearing on your body in any configuration that you like.

CLEARANCE Agility Smart Lead