The Rainbow Flirt Pole is an extendable Pole.

This is a NEW style of pole with a shorter length with only one extension making this pole very strong.

This pole already comes with 2 plaited Velvet Fleecy style toys to attach to the rope and you can choose your other flare from those listed in the pictures.

The Pole extends to 68cm length.

The rope is 1 meter.

You can use the Flirt Pole to motivate, play and as a reward for your dog.

The flare is perfect to create a fluttering on the end of your Flirt Pole to excite your pup or dog.

Please note that the Flares are not a Tug toy and are used to excite and engage your dog.

Please keep the flare that you attach to your pole on the ground at all times as your dog should always have 4 feet on the ground when playing with the Flirt.

This is not a chew toy so please do not leave it unattended with your dog.

Rainbow Flirt Pole with Flare