If there's one thing that's almost guaranteed to grab a dog's attention, it's the combination of real fur and a squeaker!

So this toy is one for the Show Confirmation dogs.

Featuring a bite area made of responsibly sourced rabbit skin and a large long-lasting squeaker, this pocket-sized toy is super-enticing – especially to breeds with a high prey drive.

Its compact size makes it suitable for puppies and smaller dogs too for their basic tugging needs.

The handle is not only incredibly strong but cushioned too, making it comfortable to hold for a game of tug. While it is also ideal to wear around your wrist leaving your hands free.

This toy measures approximately 27cm from the tip of the handle to the end of the bite area.

Made in the UK.

This is not a chewing toy so please do not leave it unattended with your dog.

Rabbit Skin Pocket Squeaker -due again July