The Rabbit Bungee Chaser -Xtra long makes a great addition to your motivational tool kit for your puppy or dog.

Its length means no awkward bending down to play tug with your dog.

The Bungee will work as a shock absorber for helping with ease of tugging.

The tug is on a long length of webbing with a fleece lined handle for your comfort.

The long line is perfect for creating movement to keep your dogs interest and reward them.

Made with real Rabbit skin and very popular with many dogs and puppies.

It is sure to excite and motivate your dog.

Made in the UK.

Approx Rabbit Area - 23cm x 7cm

Total Length - 130cm

This is not a chewing toy so please do not leave it unattended with your dog.

Rabbit Bungee Chaser - Xtra long