Made by Rainbow Dog Tugs, the Puppy Sheepie is a handy small size Sheepskin Tug.
The Pocket Sheepie is made with Genuine Sheepskin and available in 10 colours.
There is a bungee ring handle that will make tugging more enjoyable and have less jarring on your dog and yourself.
This toy is suitable for all Puppies & small dogs.
The size makes it suitable to hide in your pocket allowing your hands to be free of the lure of a toy when training.
And super handy to pull out quickly to play and reward your dog.
The Pocket Sheepie dimensions are:
Bungee handle 15cm
Sheepskin 15cm
While this toy is made for your dog to bite, it is not a chew toy.
Please do not leave this toy unattended with your dog.

Pocket Sheepie Tug - puppy & small dog