Made by Rainbow Dog Tugs, the Puppy Moo is the Perfect introduction to a tug toy for your puppy.
This toy has a combination of 3 parts to learn to put their mouth on.
Firstly we have used Quality FauxFurs at one end to get your pup excited and due to the softness, your pup will be tugging straight away.
In the middle is a short milker that gives your pup an introduction to the Rubber Milker and something which will feel firm to the bite.
At the other end there is soft Polar Fleece that gives your pup another area to tug, and /or the fleece can be used as a holder for you.
Toy length approximately 42cm end to end.
While this toy is intended to be tugged on, it is not a chew toy.
Please do not leave this toy alone with your dog unattended.

Puppy Moo - puppy & small dog