The Puppington Pod Standard is treat ball.

The Puppington Pod Standard is made of soft neoprene and velcro.

The Pod has a tab on the base that you can attach one of our Bungee's or Dangle Wranglers.

It is designed to be used to give your dog a treat reward when they go to the ball and open the velro enclosures.

This makes the Pod a perfect reward-based toy that for training and interactive play.

It is fantastic at helping to build motivation and drive in food loving dogs.

You can choose your Pod print design.

The Pod Standard is intended for Puppies and dogs of all sizes.

Please note these are not designed to be tug toys, they are designed to be chased and opened by the dog and not pulled or chewed on.

​Please see the Puppingtons video to see how to teach your dog to open the Pod.

Handwash and air dry.

While this toy is made for dogs, it is not intended to be a chew toy or left alone with your dog.

Puppington Treat Pod Standard