Mop tugs are super soft.

This makes the tug toy suitable for all dogs from the small puppies, soft mouth dogs, And those dogs that love a good tug with their handler.

While the mop bits are soft, the overall tug is very strong and durable.

Sewn in a circular style, this is a fantastic toy for those dogs who like to grab the handle of regular tug toys, as this toy will prevent that happening.

With this style of toy they can only latch onto the mop area as you present it., keeping your hands free if teeth.

This will also give your dog a front on approach with a straight head to the mop bite area.

Made in Poland, this Mop Bungee has a Bungee for shock adsorption and a Mop bite area.

Overall diameter- 24cm

Mop area 27cm

This is not a chewing toy so please do not leave it unattended with your dog.

Mop Bungee Ring