Hol-ee Rollers are a Hard Rubber Tug Toy and Fetch toy rolled into one!  

The Hol-ee Roller is unique among dog toys with a ball like appearance that you can throw.

The holes in the ball, allow for your dog to breath easy as they run or tug with it.

This rubber toy is easy for a dog to grab or catch and hold onto in their mouth

Equally you can attach one of our Bungee handles to the Hol-ee Roller to have a great tugging toy.

We also make the all in one Bungee & Hol-ee Roller for your conveinience.

While the Hol-ee Roller is a tough Rubber ball, please do not leave it with your dog unattended. It is not a chew toy.




Hol-ee Roller - small 9cm Diameter