The Fluffy Pod has been designed and Created in Australia.

Made with a Puppington Treat Pod and quality FauxFur, this toy is a super edition to training those dogs that are more food driven.

Now with the lush furs triple sewn onto the Pod, you have something to hold when you toss the Pod.

Plus when it flys through the air, the flares will flap about and give your dog that extra excitement to go to the toy.

You can use the Fluffy Pod as a reward when sending, or for a correct behaviour. Your dog can Snuffle into the petals of the pod, opening them to reveal the treats.

This toy is not intended to be a tugging toy, although you can tease your dog with it and let it mouth the toy.

This toy is not a chewing toy so please do not leave it unattended with your dog.

Rainbow Fluffy Pod