The Rainbow Flirt Pole is a Telescopic wand with an elastic cord to connect exciting flares.
The telescopic handle extends and locks for use, and then unlocks and retracts to a compact size to fit in your dog gear bag.
There is a Faux Fur Flare and 2 cotton plaited flares.
The Fur Flare is 25cm long with 8 strips of Fur with a tab at the top so you can interchange your flares.
Use your Flirt Pole to ‘.flirt’ the flare along the ground to excite, motivate and increase the dog’s Play drive.
Please note that the Flirt Pole itself is not a tug toy. 
If training your pup or dog to tug, once they mouth the flare, you can step in, grab the elastic rope and tug with them, taking the weight off the telescopic pole.
Once you start tugging with your dog holding the rope, it will be easy to move to a longer handled bungee chaser.
And before you know it, your dog will be tugging all length tug toys.
PLEASE NOTE: your dogs all 4 feet should always remain on the ground when playing with this toy, never flick the flare into the air and have your dog jump up. This could result in injury.
Play safe and enjoy.

Flirt Pole - with Flare & 2 attachments