Made by Rainbow Dog Tugs, the Dragster Tug is a Faux Fur and Fleecy plaited tug.
The Furs are selected by us for their quality,  thickness, hair length and fabulous colours.
The Fleece is Polar Fleece which has a thickness to it that gives a density and super strength when used in the 4 way Diamond Plait. 
This tug is very tough due to being plaited, and will last very well with all age dogs and strong tuggers. 
We created this longer tug with flares for the dogs who love to see those flares flapping and is very popular with the Flyball sport dogs.
The Dragster Tugs total length is 1 meter with a plait area of 45cm and flares of 35cm.
The Bungee handle allows for great tugging and stops jarring to either your dogs body or yours.

Hand wash, air dry.
While this toy is made tough, it is not intended to be a chew toy or left alone with your dog

Dragster Tug