Made by Rainbow Dog Tugs, the Bunny Tug is made from a genuine Australian Rabbit Hide.
Rabbit hide is quite delicate compared to Sheep Skin hide.
Rabbit hide is thin where Sheep skin is thick.
Rabbit is usually for Terriers and earth dogs.
We line our hide with mesh and triple stitch to give some density  and durability to the tug bite area.
The Bungee is 25cm long.
The bite area is 30cm long x 5cm wide.
The Rabbit Hides come in mixed colours, we are unable to choose our stock so will make your tug with the colours we have available.
This is not a chew toy. 
If left alone, your dog may eat this hide.
It is not recommended to leave this toy unattended with your dog.

Bunny Tug - Puppy & small dog