The Bottle Basher is a Bungee Handled Faux Fur toy.

This toy is perfect for those dogs who love to crunch Bottles and or want to tug while doing so.

The Faux Fur pouch is 28 x 16 cm.

It is lined with mesh making it super tough and has the entry raw edges covered to make this toy durable and long lasting.

The Bungee Handle completes the tug with making the full length 60cm.

You also get a free bottle so your pooch can start playing with this toy as soon as it arrives.

The pouch can also be used as a super big Faux Fur tug for your puppy or dog to go nuts on tugging!

While this toy is made Supertough, it should not be left with your dog unattended.

Always supervise your dog when playing with toys.

Bungee Bottle Basher