The Bonus Bungee Stuffer Tug is a unique toy.

This tugging toy has a long bungee handle and a pouch section made from suede-backed faux fur.

Inside the pouch is a medium firm bite bar made from polyethylene foam that offers just a bit more resistance and lasts in your toy.

There is a Velcro opening at the top of the Bonus Bungee Stuffer that allows you to replace the foam insert with anything you would like food, Squeakers , some animal pelt scraps, etc.

It’s a fantastic toy that will give you many options to keep your tugging fun and exciting for your dog.

Made in the USA.

Total length of this toy is 70cm.

This is not a chewing toy so please do not leave it unattended with your dog.

Bungee Stuffer Tug + 2 squeakers and insert - due July