Blings Bungee Ring is one of the most versatile toys you will own.

Suitable for any puppy or dog’s tugging demands due to the tugs 2 bite areas.

There is a Dynamite Stick made from a tubular polyester webbing that is stuffed with fleece and wool fabric scraps rather than polyfill for durability and to create that perfect density of bite-ability.

This bite area is a good 22cm long .

It is triple stitched to the bungee sections of the toy for extra strength.

A color-coordinated faux fur, plush bite bar that is another 22cm long and has extra padding sewn underneath it. The nylon runs through the faux fur covering and is double stitched along the complete length of the fur area for toughness.

You can use either the stick or the fur bar as your tugging handle and let the dog pull on the opposite bite area.

And the ring style is perfect for that straight head approach for your dog, and no more grabbing the toy handle.

Made in the USA.

This is not a chewing toys so please do not leave it unattended with your dog.

Blings Bungee Ring Tug - due July