Biggie's Bungee Bunny Tug Mini is a popular tug as a smaller version of the Maxi size.

Easy to fold in your hand and conceal in your pocket until you want to surprise your dog.l with the reward.

The bungee handle is 25cm long and the heavy-duty nylon, bunny fur covered pouch is 5.5cm high and 15cm long.

The pouch is sealed with Velcro, but it's easy for you to open because of the easy-grip loops at the top.The interior is made from yellow Cordura so that it's easy to clean and easy for you to see the rewards inside.

Comes with a squeaker for that extra excitement for your dog.

Made in the USA.

This is not a chewing toy so please do not leave it unattended with your dog.

Biggies Bungee Bunny Pouch - Mini pouch - due July