The 2n1 Lead has been made exclusively for Rainbow by our freinds at Puppingtons.

We like to think of it as our ‘Cheeky Monkey’ lead that we have added to our range because we needed just this type of lead fir our puppy Jada.

The 2n1 gives you the freedom of 2 leads in one.

The first is a standard 1.25 lead length, perfect for walking around town, in training situations and general use.

And the second option is to extend the lead to a long 2 meters.

This will enable you to go on bush walks allowing your dog to sniff and stroll through the bush, but still be connected to you with a safe length.

Alternatively you may just like to give your pup or dog some length of lead while having a stroll.

Made with 25mm soft and durable webbing.

A handle if soft fleecy in Black is gentle on your hands as well as the black always looks clean.

CLEARANCE 2n1 - Extendable Lead - Med/Large