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At Rainbow Dog Tugs, we are a husband & wife team with 3 fur kids. We love our dogs as our children and it is one of the reasons we have started to make our own toys for them.

Over the years our dogs have ranged from small lap dogs to working dogs. With this variety of dog knowledge we have created toys to suit them all. Our Rainbow Tugs are made by us, so you are buying an Australian owned and made product.

We like to make them as individual as we can using with a variety of color using Australian Sheepskin, Quality Faux Furs and Fleecy. Just like all our dogs are individual, so are the Tugs we make for you.

As most of what we make is individual colors, we will keep this website up to date as possible, adding new stock frequently and deleting the stock that has sold. If you see a product you love, don't hesitate, hit that add to cart button. And at times we will update our products so we are providing you with the best product we can make.

We love the bright and colorful Tugs and know you will too.

Rainbow Dog Tugs About Us

So why Tug?

When we train our dogs, we like to be able to tug with them. This gives us an opportunity to build our relationship and our dogs learn that we are the fun machines in their lives. For them to tug on a toy is so much better than running off after a ball and having a party for one. All dogs are born with a natural prey drive and we know that introducing your puppy to one of our Motivators as soon as you get them home, will have them playing tug with you in no time at all.

Our Tossers have a plait and handle. This is so the ball does not keep rolling along the ground or bounce high into the air.  When balls keep moving, and your dog runs to catch or leap up to catch, they can land, slip, fall and injure. Keeping our dogs safe and injury free is our priority and with a ball that cannot bounce or keep rolling, we are doing our job to ensure safe play. 

And as a bonus, you can also tug with your dog on the plait.

So no matter how small or big your dog may be, there is a Tug Toy at Rainbow suitable for your dog to fall in love with.


As we all experience with our new puppies, they all love to chew. Please make sure you always supervise your puppy or dog when they are playing with toys.

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No matter how small or big your dog may be,

there is a Tug Toy at Rainbow suitable for your dog to

fall in love with.